Now, in a rapidly changing world, the issue of sustainable development is one of the most important problems of modern countries and societies. Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation is direction that embeds architecture, urbanism and cultural heritage in the context of requirements and condition of the doctrine of sustainable development. The need for project directly and closely follows the contemporary needs. Spatial, demographic, ecological development requires professionals who will be able to customize architecture and urbanism to specifics of these conditions. The main need of modern societies is protection, revitalization and modernization of already built environment and buildings, and each country has different experiences in these fields. Sustainability is key issue raised in many documents of the EC. Therefore SURE: Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation in Europe cannot be effectively implemented locally, it requires broad international cooperation.

The main objective of the partnership is to develop multidisciplinary joint MSc degree programme SURE: Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation in Europe, which combines the following areas of sustainable development: broadly understood architecture, urban planning and protection of cultural heritage. These fields will be complemented by social issues, e.g. cultural diversity and mutual understanding of cultures. The universities will be educating new generation of architects who understand need for and objectives of sustainable development, both in terms of architecture and urban planning and in terms of society, as well as protection of heritage. Joint curriculum will take advantage of specific and specialized experience of Partner Universities and non-academic Partners.